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I wrote a regular column for IEEE Software from 1996-2002, and I've published articles from time to time in other periodicals. Here are some of my publications.

IEEE Software

From the Editor Column in IEEE Software

Best Practices Column in IEEE Software

Other Articles

The Power of Process, IEEE Computer, May 1998
Managing Outsourced Projects, Software Development, December 1997, pp. 80, 78-79.
Upstream Decisions, Downstream Costs, Windows Tech Journal, November 1997, pp. 15-19.
Less is More: Jump-Start Productivity with Small Teams, Software Development, October 1997, pp. 28-34.
Microsoft: A Highly Motivated Environment, Software Practitioner, September/October 1996, pp. 11f.
Software Quality at Top Speed, Software Development, August 1996.
Teach Programming Principles, Not 'Tools and Tips', IEEE Computational Science and Engineering, Summer 1996.
From Anarchy to Optimizing, Software Development, July 1993 (A summary of the SEI’s capability maturity model).
A Mission and An Adventure: The Cultural Differences between Micro and Mainframe Programmers, Software Practitioner, Nov.-Dec. 1992, pp. 1, 5-8.

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