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gr.gif (9552 bytes) After the Gold Rush: Creating a True Profession of Software Engineering. 208 pages, Redmond, Wa: Microsoft Press, 1999. Retail price: $24.99. ISBN: 0735608776.



This book is about creating a true profession of software engineering. Significant developments are underway that will affect the careers of practicing programmers, including initiatives in education, professional development, professional societies, and licensing. Some of these developments are well thought out and positive, others are being forced and need to be improved before they're standardized. Software development is changing. Programmers who aren’t paying attention could easily find themselves left behind..

After the Gold Rush consists of short essays that can be read individually and which form a consistent set when read together. The essays focus on contemporary software development topics and emphasize trends in the profession. The writing is intended to be highly readable, entertaining, and thought-provoking.



I: The Tarpit

  1. Software Dinosaurs
  2. Fool's Gold
  3. Orphans Preferred
  4. Software Engineering Is Not Computer Science

II: Prospecting

  1. After the Gold Rush
  2. Engineering a Profession
  3. Ptolemaic Reasoning
  4. Body of Knowledge
  5. Novum Organum

III: Through the Pillars

  1. Stinking Badges
  2. Architects and Carpenters
  3. Hard Knocks
  4. The Professional's Code
  5. Alchemy


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