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General Interviews

.NET Rocks! interview about Code Complete, 2nd Edition and many other topics (audio, February 2007).

Puget Sound Business Journal article about Steve and Construx in conjunction with Construx being recognized as one of Washington State's best companies to work for (text, October 2004).

UW TV Interview about Steve's professional life and Construx Software (video, March 25, 2003). 

Borland Developer's Network interview about current projects (text, April 2003)

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CIO Magazine interview about Software Estimation and related topics (text, December 2006).

Dr. Dobb's Podcast about Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art (audio, August 2006, pdf)

Compaid Interview about Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art (pdf, August 2006)

MSDN Interview about Code Complete, Second Edition, and related topics (video, August 2004, also transcript)

IT Conversations interview about Professional Software Development (text, February 2004, and also available in audio format)'s interview about Software Project Survival Guide (text, 1998).

TNC Interview about Code Complete, First Edition (text, 1998).

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