Rapid Development: Taming Wild Software Schedules. Redmond, Wa.: Microsoft Press, 1996. 660 pages. Retail price: $35. ISBN: 1-55615-900-5. Available from Microsoft Press 1-800-MS-PRESS (1-800-677-7377).

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Ray Duncan, Electronic Review of Computer Books

"Rapid Development is instantly recognizable as another member of that rare breed of highly original and definitive books. It addresses a dire need in mainstream commercial or "shrinkwrap" software development that was previously unmet and only dimly perceived. It integrates a vast amount of practical information within a logical, easily grasped structure. It is soundly grounded in the author's mastery of his subject and common sense, and it is backed up by hundreds of references. And, last but hardly least, it is beautifully written in an economical, direct style that makes every page count.

"In Rapid Development, we are privileged to see a virtuoso author/programmer and a superb editing and publishing team working together at the top of their form. Very few books I have encountered in the last few years have given me as much pleasure to read as this one."

Readability Star Star Star Star
Originality Star Star Star Star
Organization Star Star Star Star
Accuracy Star Star Star Star
Consistency Star Star Star Star
Depth Star Star Star Star
Timeliness Star Star Star Star
Editing Star Star Star Star
Design Star Star Star
Overall Value Star Star Star Star

Explanation of ERCB rating scale: No stars = unacceptable, 1 Star = marginal, 2 Stars = average, 3 Stars = above average, 4 Stars = exceptional.

Richard Stevens, Delphi Magazine, September 1996

"One of McConnell's key strengths is the sheer range and volume of his research. It seems every other page contains some empirical data on the best and worst ways to run a software project, and McConnell isn't afraid to let you know where his own opinions lie. You could enjoyably read this book from cover to cover thanks to McConnell's excellent prose, and that's certainly the way to get the most from it. But even if you just dip into it occasionally for ideas and guidance, or splash out on a copy for your team leader, this book is a bargain, and highly recommended."

Quality of Writing 5/5
Value for Money 5/5
Overall Assessment 5/5


"I can hear some of you exclaiming, "how can you possibly recommend a book about software scheduling published by Microsoft Press and written by a consultant to Microsoft?!" Well, put aside any preconceived biases that you might have, as I did mine. This is in fact a tremendous book on effective scheduling software development, and it drinks deeply from the wisdom of all the classics in the field ... The nine page section entitled "Classic Mistakes Enumerated" is alone worth the price of admission, and should be required reading for all developers, leads, and managers."

Computer Literacy

"This book is an essential guide to controlling development schedules and keeping projects moving on schedule."

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