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I've found that clean glass really accentuates a good wax job, and some glass cleaners are a lot better than others.

Auto glass cleaner is a little different from interior glass cleaner. It needs to handle more road grime, and the cleaning conditions can be a little different. For example, if your car has been parked in the hot sun, you want a cleaner that doesn't haze on hot glass. I've found that common household products like Windex and Perfect Glass don't work very well. Despite the claims of "no streaking," they always seem to streak in my car! Here are the products I like:

Armour All Glass cleaner. This is my "old standby." It doesn't streak much, and it's great at taking off the fog you get on the inside of your windshield. It's also not very messy if you miss what you're aiming at and spray your steering wheel or dashboard.


Spray Way Glass Cleaner. This stuff works about as well as Armour All. I originally bought a 6-pack at Costco for cleaning windows in my house. It took several years before I thought of cleaning my car's windows with it. It works well. The only drawback is that comes out as a foam, which looks bad when you get it on anything other than glass (though it isn't hard to wipe off).

 I've tried several other auto glass products, but I haven't found any that work as well as these two.

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