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Interior Cleaning Notes

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I don't have a whole lot to say about interior cleaning.
A Stiff Brush. For cleaning carpet, I like to use a stiff brush like this one. It's kind of amazing how much you can get out of your carpets with a brush like this and some good cleaner.
Griot's Garage Interior Cleaner. I havent looked very hard for the best interior cleaner. Griot's Garage's cleaner works well, especially in conjunction with the stiff brush. It's pretty expensive compared to other cleaners ($10 + s/h), so I tend to use it only on the carpet and use other general-purpose cleaners like Simple Green, Fast Orange, etc. for other parts of the car.
Dust Brush. I like the California Dash Duster Brush, which you can get at Schuck's, Pep Boys, and places like that.

Also, see my notes on leather care and glass cleaner.

I also like Griot's Garage's leather scent spray. Some of the other so-called "leather scent sprays" really smell like any other odor masking spray, but Griot's spray actually smells like what it's supposed to.

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