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There are lots of good resources available online for car detailing nuts. First and foremost, This is a discussion bulletin board site dedicated to cars and car detailing. Many of the contributors are professional detailers, and I got hooked up with several of the products I like best from lurking in these discussions. If you check out this site, you'll find that there are other people who are way more into wax than I am! This is a good place to find detailing supplies, including some of the brands that are hard to find through local suppliers. You can get polishing pads, microfiber towels and sponges, and other supplies. The site also has some very educational descriptions of how to perform various detailing tasks. This site has an amazing variety of car car products all manufactured by Chemical Guys. Prices are very reasonable for the quantities you get--as long as you don't mind buying in gallon sizes. This is a good boutique supplier. It doesn't look as big (from the online storefront anyway) as Auto Geek and seems to be more the work of a single person. It's a good place to get small quantities of the Chemical Guys stuff that otherwise you would have to order in gallon sizes. It also has polishing pads, microfiber products, and other detailing supplies. Griot's Garage website is OK. What you really want to do it is get on their mailing list and receive their catalog, which is fantastic. Some of their products are good, and some products are only so so, and most of them are pretty pricey. But their catalog is educational--motivating even--and makes me want to work in my garage! They also have a detailing handbook which is well worth the $12.99 price. The sole source of Zaino products including their amazing Z-2 car polish and terrific Z-7 shampoo. I love their Marque d' Elegance car wax. I don't believe you can buy the product from their website, but you can at least read about it here. The only place I know of to buy Finish Kare products, including their terrific 217 Quick Gloss Polish Glaze Sealant.

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