Software Project Survival Guide: How to Be Sure Your First Important Project Isn't Your Last. Redmond, Wa.: Microsoft Press, 288 pages, 1997. Retail price: $24.99. ISBN: 1-57231-621-7. Available from Microsoft Press 1-800-MS-PRESS (1-800-677-7377).

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This page contains a list of errors that have been discovered in the first printing of SPSG. The book probably contains other errors that haven't yet been discovered. I will appreciate any errors you bring to my attention. I will post them here and will see that they are corrected in future printings of SPSG.

p. 44 The paragraph that begins "Don't try to motivate developers..." should be the second paragraph under the heading "Show Developers That You Sincerely Appreciate Them." The Pull Quote on that page should follow that paragraph.
p. 203 Table 14-1 should look like this:

Table 14-1. Recommended Integration Procedure

  1. Developer develops a piece of code.
  2. Developer unit tests the code.
  3. Developer steps through every line of code in an interactive debugger, including all exception and error cases.
  4. Developer integrates this preliminary code with a private version of the main build.
  5. Developer submits code for technical review.
  6. Developer turns code over informally to testing for test case preparation.
  7. Code is reviewed.
  8. Developer fixes any problems identified during the review.
  9. Fixes are reviewed.
  10. Developer integrates final code with the main build.
  11. Code is declared to be "complete" and can be checked off the project activity list.
p. 205 The note at the bottom of Table 14-2 should say that it starts at Step 10 in the corrected Table 14-1 (as shown above) or Step 8 in Table 14-1 as printed in the book.
p. 265 The notes for pp. 60, 61, 62, and 64 should all be revised to cite the

Manager's Handbook for Software Development, Revision 1, SEL-84-101, Revision 1, NASA Software Engineering Laboratory, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, November 1990

instead of the Relationships, Models, and Management Rules document

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