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Home Theater Construction Notes 

This page contains notes on specific construction issues I ran into. I've included notes on working with crown molding and panel molding separately. 

Glue. Different kinds of glue behave very differently. I started out using Elmer's Wood Glue, which worked OK, but it sets slowly and it tends to run. I had a few places where the glue ran, and it doesn't stain the same color as the wood. Even after you sand it off, it still gets into the grain of the wood, and it never really looks quite right. 

My favorite glue was Titebond Molding & Trim Glue. This glue is thicker than Elmer's, runs less, and seems to set faster. You still  have to make sure you don't let it ooze out the sides of the paneling. It might not run, but if you put too much on, you'll still squeeze it out the sides and have the same problem of it not staining the same as the wood.

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