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Home Theater Design Details 

Here's a detail shot of the right proscenium column and the join with the paneling.
Here's a detail shot of the left proscenium column and the join with the paneling.
Detail of the left-rear column, partially complete.
Here's the left-side transition (facing the stage). I didn't do a great job on this side. You know when you're using the hammer to try to make two pieces of wood fit together that you've reached the limit of your carpentry skills!. I eventually had to put a 1" triangular piece of wood in the lower-right corner to complete the transition. The color of the wood and the molding pretty much cover it up. When stained, the fix is basically invisible.
Here's the right-side transition. After being pretty frustrated building the left side transition, my mother-in-law said, "Why don't you just cut out a paper pattern and get that right, then cut the wood to match the pattern?" Good point! That's what I did on the second one-- it was much easier and turned out better.
Right side paneling.
More right side paneling.
Left side paneling.
More left-side paneling.
Crown molding at left side of doorway. The moldings that butted into the door frame were the two most challenging pieces of molding in the project because I had to conform the shape of the molding to the contour of the doorway. On this side, I chiseled out part of the door frame to make the molding fit more squarely against the door frame.
On the right side of the doorway, I didn't do any chiseling on the door frame. I first cut out a piece of cardboard to copy the contour from the door frame, then I used that to use the jigsaw to cut out the the molding as close as possible to the molding. Then I spent about an hour on the ladder with the  Dremel tool shaving the contour on the molding to conform to the door frame. On balance, I think this side was easier than the other side. Neither of them look perfect, and from a distance the overall effect is basically the same either way.


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