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Home Theater History--Back Right Corner 

The first thing I built was a prototype column. I figured I would go through all the steps needed to measure, cut, sand, stain, finish, and install one piece, learn all my lessons on this one piece of wood, and if worst came to worst, I could just rebuild it. I did end up learning a lot of good lessons on this test section. It probably took 3 times as long as the similar pieces that I built later.  
This shows some of the first-stage paneling. You can see the plywood cut-outs, with the birch door skins behind the plywood. There are gaps between the doorskin edges and the panel edges. This wasn't intentional, but was a result of me not measuring carefully enough! Fortunately, the gaps were small enough that the panel molding covered them up.
Here's another shot of the Step 1 paneling. 
This is the same part of the room with the panel molding and crown molding added. I thought I knew how it was going to look, but I was really pleased at how much nicer it looked with the panel molding installed.
This shows the room with the baseboard added. Again, I didn't really expect the baseboard to add much, and I was happy with how much adding the baseboard dressed up the room.
Here is the nearly finished room--sanded, stained, and polyurethaned.
Here is the finished room.

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