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Home Theater History--Proscenium 

One of the great things about building a home theater is that you get to learn new words like "proscenium" (which is the area between the front of the stage and the back). This was Stage 1 (so to speak) of the proscenium. You can see the arch, which was essentially done at this point, and the paneling on the left.
Here is the proscenium with the columns added and a better view of the stage. The columns are supposed to look like they're holding up the arch, but as you can see from the prior picture, the arch is actually secured to the ceiling.
Here are the columns with the molding installed.
Here are the columns with the baseboard installed at the bottoms of the columns and also along the back of the stage. The double layer of baseboard was a late design idea, but I like the way it turned out. 
Here the proscenium columns, arch, and toe-kick under the stage have been stained, the stage-baseboard has been painted black, and the drywall has been repaired and painted black. Only steps left are the polurethane coat and replacing the carpet. It's still got blue tape to protect the wall from the polyurethane. 
Here's the stage all done except for the carpet. Adjacent wall is stained, and the door frame on the left has been painted dark red to coordinate with the ceiling and the (eventual) carpet color. I tried putting curtains on the sides of the screen. I liked the look a lot, but the way my speakers are set up, the curtains I had blocked too much of the sound, so I took them down.
Here's the finished product.

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