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Home Theater Lighting 

My design for the theater became more elaborate as I got into the project, and some of the elements I added after I started are the elements I like the most. As you can see from the picture on the left, the original lights were just standard can lights. I hadn't originally planned to replace them, but I saw some mini-chandelier pendant lights at Lowes, and I thought they might be a nice touch to support the 1920's feel I was going for in the theater itself. I bought one and brought it home for my wife to look at. She liked it too, so my project expanded by one weekend as I replaced the can lights with the pendants. The simple act of wiring the pendants wasn't difficult at all. The main problem was that the cans had 6" cutouts, and I needed to reduce the cutout size to about 3" so that the cover piece from the pendants would cover the hole in the ceiling. This meant I needed to repair circular holes in the drywall, in the ceiling, texture them, and paint them. It ended up taking me about a full weekend to complete the wiring, drywall repair, texturing, and painting for the lights. But it was worth it!

This first picture shows the light the way it looks when it's turned on.
The second picture gives a better view of the light itself.
This is the lighting pattern cast on the ceiling. This picture makes the pattern look more pronounced than it is, but it does look very interesting.
Here's another view of the ceiling, still a little exaggerated in the photo, but more representative.
One side effect of the lighting pattern is that it covers up blemishes in the paint job in the ceiling. I thought I had done a pretty good job painting the ceiling, but then one day I was working with the lights off and a task light on, and I saw what the ceiling really looked like! That meant another half-day touching up the ceiling paint <sigh>.

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