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Great Family Movies 

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Finding Nemo. The visual "wow factor" of this movie is incredible, and the sound really shows off the home theater. Animated movies in general look great on a DVD projector system like mine, and this is one of the best. (And oh yeah, the story is good too!)
The Incredibles. One of the funnest animated movies I've ever seen. I am actually happy when my kids want me to watch this movie with them.
Toy Story 2. Fantastic animation, and a very touching story.
Toy Story. Good animation for its day, though it looks a little dated now. The story itself is really a variation on the Pinocchio story--a toy that thinks it's a boy, instead of a toy that knows it's a toy.
Cat in the Hat. The special effects in this movie are a treat, with lots of visually arresting eye candy. Mike Meyers gives one of his usual manic performances. Alec Baldwin is great as the evil potential step dad.
Mary Poppins. This movie doesn't gain anything in particular by being viewed in a good home theater setup, but it's still a great movie.
The Sound of Music. The scenes of the Austrian Alps look great on the big screen. The video qualify of the DVD I have is only so-so. This is my second favorite musical, after the Blues Brothers.
Inspector Gadget. Very fun kids' movie with lots of jokes that play on different levels for adults than for the kids. I find myself hoping my kids will pick this one.
Home Alone. I enjoyed watching this as an adult when it came out, and I enjoy it just as much or more when I watch it with my kids.
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