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Home Theater Task List 

This project consumed most of my weekend time for the better part of 6 months. I'd estimate that I have about 200 hours into the project, so, as you might expect, the list of tasks is pretty extensive. This list of tasks is being generated after the fact. I was carrying most of this list around in my head for most of the project. One nice aspect of a project that occurs only 2 days per week is that you have lots of idle time to refine plans, which helps to reduce dead ends. 

Initial Preparation (mostly at beginning of project, with some activities ongoing)

  • Create general design for the room
  • Test various kinds of wood for paneling and millwork; test sanding techniques, stains, stain application techniques, clear coat products, clear-coat application techniques
  • Create detailed approach for paneling (i.e., decide whether to use use pre-made panels, create panels from dimensional lumber, cut panels from plywood, etc.)
  • Measure room in detail and create detailed design
  • Order specialty materials (e.g., millwork that can't be purchased at Home Depot)
  • Receive materials (i.e., be home when materials are delivered)
  • Got get materials at Lowes or Home Depot
  • Move A/V equipment into closet adjacent to the media room; set up remote to operate by RF instead of IR

Initial Construction (mostly at beginning of project, with some activities ongoing)

  • Build seating platform
  • Build raised area for stage
  • Paint ceiling and top part of walls final color (dark red)
  • Build prototype section (including carpentry, sanding, staining, and installation)
  • Change plans as needed based on experience with prototype
  • Add electrical outlet close to projector (i.e., close to the ceiling)
  • Replace all electrical plugs with black rather than ivory plugs
  • Move electrical outlets up that are now too low because of building the seating platform and the stage
  • Add switched electrical outlet above crown molding for use in up-lighting
  • Replace original can lights with decorative pendant lights
  • Replace light switch with one that can be remote controlled

Preliminary Finishing Work

  • Repair drywall damaged when moving or installing new electrical outlets
  • Repair drywall in ceiling from installing pendant lights; retexture and repaint

Carpentry Phase

  • Cut out panel frames
  • Install panel frames and large panel sections
  • Build and install proscenium arch
  • Build and install columns
  • Cut and install chair rail
  • Cut and install panel molding
  • Cut and install baseboard

Finishing Phase

  • Repair drywall damage to projection wall
  • Repaint projection wall
  • Touch up texturing and paint on ceiling
  • Sand woodwork
  • Stain woodwork
  • Clear coat woodwork
  • Install curtains next to screen
  • Paint doorframe to match ceiling
  • Build decorative shelves to hold speakers
  • Recarpet

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