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Home Theater 

My interest in home theater arose from the challenge of coming up with an attractive design for the room and then building it myself. I've done all the work you see in these pictures myself including rough carpentry, finish carpentry, electrical, drywall, painting, staining, etc. I also paid a little attention to the A/V setup, but that wasn't my major emphasis. 

Design and Construction Finished Product
Here's the room I started with. The room had carpet by the time I started (the picture just shows the carpet pad), but I don't have a picture of the room with the carpet. You can see the beige paint, white millwork, almond electrical outlets, can lights--all of which got replaced.  Here is what that same part of the room looks like right now. 
Design and Construction Details
General Design Notes
- Paneling Design
- Paneling Construction Approach
- Panel Molding Tips
- Crown Molding Tips
- Other Design Details
- Lighting
- Finishing Details 
- Other Construction Techniques
- Construction Tools
Project History
- Back Left
- Back Right
- Proscenium
- Task List

A/V Topics
A/V Equipment Notes
- Screen Details
- Other Home Theaters

Oh Yeah, the Movies ...
I guess the point of all this was to be able to watch movies in my home! The home theater has been great for family movie nights with the kids, and I've spent a lot of time watching movies in it too. 

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